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HUGME- Green - Cotton/Acrylic with Mohair

HUGME- Green - Cotton/Acrylic with Mohair

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Three threads of cotton and acrylic mix - 4th being a soft and fluffy mohair thread. The addition of mohair thread will make your project softer and warmer, perfect for cold winter days.

- 4-ply fingering weight
- 50% cotton 50% acrylic
- Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate

Four strands are held together while winding and are not spun together or twisted. Colours are changed at set rates and attached by a tiny knot, creating long slow changes of colour. Perfect for various projects, from scarves and blankets to ponchos and sweaters.

The centre pull balls may be worked from either the centre or the outside. Knots are very secure and ends may be clipped or worked into the fabric. They will virtually disappear into the fabric.

Recommended crochet hook: 3 – 5
Recommended needles: 3 – 4.5
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